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Investing in a decent website is a BIG deal. Unlike the folk who throw up a Facebook page or attempt to build their own and declare themselves ‘in business’, you’ve invested in your online presence and want to make the most of it, right? 

But occasionally things stop working just because – frustratingly there isn’t always a logical reason! – and unless you realise it, you’re sitting there thinking that everything’s tickety boo, your website’s bringing you new leads, new subscribers and new sales, until you realise that your buttons and forms are no longer working and your site looks wonky. WTF?!?

Having a website is just the first step and like any good investment, it needs managing to see longer term results…

…keeping everything up to date (the core installation, plugins and themes) reduces your risk of being hacked and your website going offline.

…monitoring your website lets you know when it’s offline, instead of having to wait until someone else tells you!

…knowing who to turn to when something goes wrong, means you can resolve any issues quickly and easily without it being a huge source of stress of you.

With a WebCare plan, we take care of your website leaving you the time and energy to focus on what you do best! 

Things We Can Help You With

What We Do

We don’t just help with WordPress websites, we can also help with many aspects of your online activities. We can help you…
  • Keep your WordPress website up to date and secure.
  • Add a membership section to your website.
  • Add a shop or eCommerce functionality (payment buttons) to your website.
  • Integrate a mailing list and sign-up forms into your website.
  • Make your website mobile friendly.
  • Brand match your social media profiles to your website.

…and much. much more!

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Before you sign up, please ensure you’ve read and agree to our full terms of service.

    Confused? Overwhelmed? Still Feeling Tech-Phobic?

    Your Questions Answered

    If my website goes down, will you help me get it back online?

    If your website goes down, we will be happy to diagnose the problem as  part of your WebCare plan; however if work is needed to recover your website, we will send you a quote for the work needed to get your website back online. You are of course free to use an alternative service to do this if you prefer or you can find help cheaper elsewhere.

    What Exactly is 'website development' work?

    If you need more than advice and you want help making changes and updates to your website, we can help.

    This includes tasks like installing and configuring new plugins, making tweaks and customisations to your theme, changing and formatting your content, integrating additional functionality like a membership section, an email subscription form, or payment buttons, or syncing your website with other services like LeadPages and more.

    How do the 6-monthly reviews work?

    Every 6 months we’ll jump on a 30-minute phone/video call to discuss how well your website’s working for you, and what else you’d like it to do. If you choose, we will review your site and suggest any improvements we would recommend (you are under no obligation to take any action on these).

    I can get cheaper tech support elsewhere. Why Should I Choose You?

    We work fast and time ourselves by the minute so while 15 minutes doesn’t seem a long time, you’d be surprised what we can get done! 

    Also – and this is a superpower of ours – we are adept and highly skilled in making tech stuff seem simple (or at least not scary) to anyone who is even vaguely tech-phobic. We use plain English to explain concepts in ways non-techies can understand and we assume ZERO knowledge of tech stuff . No question is a silly question, in our book.

    And finally, if you’ve ever worked with a VA or other tech support before, you’ll know how specific and clear you usually have to be; we’re smart in our communications and while we can’t read minds, we can usually figure out what you need even if you don’t know the right terminology to use when you ask us! 

    What are your rates for online tech/website development work?

    We are very happy to give you a quote for any further online tech or website development work you need; our rates for 2019 are £60/hour (these will increase to £75/hour in 2020). As a WebCare plan client, you’ll receive a 25% discount on our usual rates.

    Is it really unlimited email support?

    Yes! Instead of spending hours googling for an answer to your WordPress-related question, email us and we’ll point you in the right direction. This is for ‘what’ questions and not ‘how to’ questions, for example: 

    • I got a renewal email for X plugin, do I need to renew it? ✓
    • Can I add a membership section to my website? ✓
    • Can I change the font on my website? ✓
    • Is there a plugin that will let me do X? ✓
    • How do I update this text on my website? ✖︎
    • How do I add a page to my website? ✖︎ 
    • How do I add video to my website? ✖︎

    If you’re on the CHOICE plan, we will happily DO the tasks for you using your tech support minutes but this is NOT for coaching you how to do it yourself.

    How Quickly Will you Answer My Questions?

    We aim to answer your email questions within 48 hours, but ideally less!

    Our official business hours are Monday to Saturday, 9am-6pm UK time but we are often online outside of these and will always aim to respond as fast as we can. 

    What does the tech support include?

    We will help with any online tech tasks we can! This isn’t restricted to just your WordPress website, but can include any of the online tools you use that we have experience with. This includes but is not limited to:

    • PayPal
    • Google Suite (Gmail, Drive etc.)
    • Mailchimp
    • Amazon S3
    • Leadpages
    • Online invoicing
    • Social media platforms

    Will the Tech Support Time Roll Over?

    No. For the CHOICE WebCare plan, your inclusive 30 minutes of tech support time will NOT roll over and must be used within 30 days. The month begins from the day your subscription payment is made.

    Kind Words About Our Work


    On the recommendation of a colleague, I contacted Lea and her team to help revamp my website and make it more user-friendly and attractive.

    In the first 3 hours alone, they had not only made my site more attractive and streamlined, but also had good suggestions to improve things still further.

    The team are fast, efficient, friendly and, most importantly, they listen to my ideas and work to turn them into practical action.

    Sheila B


    If you’d said to me months ago that I’d be outsourcing work to a team, I’d have laughed: I didn’t think I’d have enough work and they might not do it the way I do.

    After 2 months of working with Lea’s team, I now say…they don’t do it the way I do – they are professionals and the standard is higher, with no errors and they’re a lot faster!

    The launch of my new project would never have happened so easily, smoothly and quickly without them which means their help has been a real cost benefit, not an expense. Thank you!

    Jackie W


    I was referred to Lea’s team by a colleague, at a time where I needed help but wasn’t sure if my business was at quite that level to justify paying for it – a classic chicken and egg situation.

    I knew I had to just do it – I’d already thought about it for way too long. So I signed up and haven’t regretted it one little bit. The service is incredible! It’s a lifeline, a life saver and it’s invaluable – it’s like there are 3 of me.

    You will spend longer trying to figure this stuff out on your own and possibly not get it all done. Go for it!”

    Martha F

    Online Entreprenuer

    Lea and her team have been a key part of my business since I first began building my websites, which I could not have done without her help.

    When my business had grown to a place where I could no longer manage everything on my own, I called on Lea’s team and this made such a difference.

    I hand over tasks that I do not have the skills to do, with total trust that the tasks will be handled professionally and quickly.

    If you are looking for a team to feel completely taken care of, Lea’s team will transform your experience of running your business.

    Sara T

    Holistic Trainer

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    Before you sign up, please ensure you’ve read and agree to our full terms or service.