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Great Things is a weekly newsletter to challenge your thinking, pique your curiosity, push past your limits and encourage and inspire YOU to do something great. 

It’s for folk aspiring to or already doing something different and something great* – it’s also for the ambitious but scared, the creative but stuck, the driven but lost…

* And by the way, ‘great’ is relative – we don’t all need to be building the next AirBnB or a multi-million pound empire; ‘great’ for me is building a life I want to live that also has a positive impact on others, however big or small that may be.

Each week, you’ll receive the greatest of the great things I’ve found or created with some thoughts from me, how I’ve been impacted and how it may impact you too.

As ever, it’ll be a mixed bag – personal stuff, professional stuff, technical stuff, strategic stuff…the common thread is that the great things I share are the things that challenge my thinking, push my buttons, aid my growth and, ultimately, help me to expand beyond my current limits to do my something great. Want the same? Enter your email below…

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