Need Help To Do Something Great?

Virtual COO

This is an invite-only option for businesses I feel I can add SIGNIFICANT value to, by operating as your ‘Virtual COO’. In short, I’ll be as invested in the growth and success of your business as you are, and will play COO to your CEO.

Who needs a Virtual COO?

Many founders and small business owners wear all the hats in their business – CEO, CMO, CFO, COO, customer support, tech support and more. It’s no wonder things fall through the cracks, balls get dropped and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to take your business to where you really want it to be, especially when you’re ready to uplevel and grow.

Typically as you grow, you add people to your team. Soon, a larger amount of your time is spent on the phone or on emails co-ordinating, liaising and ‘managing’ your team, leaving you less time and far less headspace to do the things you really want to do.

Now imagine that you are left to get on with the bits you really enjoy – the strategising, the visioning, the deal-making, the performing, the coaching, the creating, the teaching, the speaking, the writing, the leading – all while knowing that the day-to-day running of your business is in safe hands and everything that needs to be happening is happening, without you, because someone else is doing the managing you’d rather not have to. This is my job as your COO.

What Will I – As Your Virtual COO – Do?

If you were to sit down and make a list of all the things you currently do (or know you should do!) to keep your business running and growing, it’d likely consist of bringing on new, managing old and updating the business’ resources. This may include:

  • Executing on your growth strategy – by managing the marketing, technology and people resources to keep growing.
  • Managing your finances – keeping accurate financial records (your P&L and balance sheet as a minimum), forecasting and modelling for your financial strategy.
  • Keeping your sales and marketing pipeline flowing – managing your brand, growing your social media presence, nurturing your leads, finding new growth opportunities.
  • Updating and/or upgrading your technical resources – keeping your tech architecture up-to-date, managing your technology platforms, making sure everything’s running smoothly and troubleshooting any issues.
  • Managing the people resources – leading, supporting and developing your team, sourcing and liaising with external providers.
  • Ensuring your product/service delivers – managing your product strategy, managing the quality assurance of your offerings and how they’re delivered, acting on customer feedback…and much, much more.

Some of the above is very much in the remit of your job as CEO; some of it is not! As your Virtual COO, I will manage and direct the resources in your company to take care of business ‘back at the ranch’, while you, as CEO, do the things you do best.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Weekly C-level Check-in

This is where your C-level execs (typically you as the CEO and me as the COO) get together to talk high level strategy/approach for the week. This may not always be a call, it may be a ‘conversation’ via email or in our online ‘board room’ to update each other, and agree on the priorities for the week for your business. It won’t take hours (unless it needs to!), but it’s a vital connection to keep us on track and in sync.

Anytime Access To Me

Let’s be clear here; this isn’t like a typical consulting/coaching package. If we need to be in touch daily, we will be; if we need to be in touch hourly through a crisis, we will be. We’ll be in contact as much or as little as is required to get the job done, via email/text/Whatsapp/whatever works for you.

Me, as COO of Your Business!

On a week-to-week basis, it’ll be my responsibility to make sure operations in your business are working effectively and smoothly. That means I’ll be the one directing your resources (including you!) to make happen the things that need to happen to achieve the business goals. In practice, this might mean:

  • I’ll define the ‘to do’ list of technical and creative tasks that need completing – for either you, your own resources or my team to perform.
  • I’ll liaise with suppliers to ensure the tasks are completed as we want them to be.
  • I’ll operate as a level of QA (quality assurance) for all things implementation, which means you’ll be confident in the quality of work being produced for your business.
  • I’ll help research and source options to fill resource gaps in your business; then when it comes to technical, creative or other things, I’ll make the decision that best fits with your technical architecture and brand.
  • For people resources, I’ll help you define requirements, find the right people and give my input on the best fit.
  • I’ll help manage all resources – technical, human and other! – for effectiveness and cultural fit.
  • I’ll be your sounding board and help you perform at your best.

Your Investment/My ‘Salary’

Imagine if you had to actually hire a COO for your business…as you probably know, C-level execs are paid a high 6-figure salary every year. Fortunately, that’s not what is required here!

Your investment to have me operate as:

  • Your PART–TIME Virtual COO starts from GBP 5,000 per month*.
  • Your FULL-TIME Virtual COO is GBP 10,000 per month.

* We’ll discuss and agree how part-time you need me to be; this is the minimum and equates to around 5 hours per week. The hours – whether part- or full-time – are largely irrelevant; I focus more on output, performance and results.

This is payable monthly, on retainer and there is no minimum time frame, though I’d like to think this will be a long term arrangement to ensure we’re as committed as each other to the growth and success of your business.

If you’re interested in bringing me on board as your Virtual COO – part-time or full-time – please book a slot in my diary and let’s start talking about whether we’re a good fit…