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Lea Jovy-Ford

Hello, I’m Lea Jovy-Ford (pronounced Lee-UH and not Lee).

I help founders, entrepreneurs and small business owners expand beyond themselves to grow a scalable, sustainable and global business…with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) at the core (because it’s the right, sustainable and scalable thing to do).

Who Am I?

I’m the founder and CEO of Diverse Leaders Group a Community Interest Company (CIC) dedicated to training and developing the diverse leaders the world needs to achieve equality for all.

I was previously the COO and co-founder of Omnis Education, as well as being the pioneer of the Location Independent movement – the concept that spawned the digital nomad lifestyle and came long before the current rise of remote work.

Some of the things I’ve achieved in almost two decades of entrepreneurship:

  • Since 2006, built and lead several remote teams for my own solo businesses, of between 5-15 people, creating cultures based on loyalty and trust before ‘remote’ was even a thing.
  • Spearheaded a global, life-changing movement (which inspired the likes of Dell to jump on the bandwagon) which garnered international press.
  • Built an 8-figure business & raised a pre-seed round of $500k in 6 weeks, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. This business is intentionally and consciously diverse and deeply committed to anti-racism and decolonising education.

Which means I have deep and relevant experience in…

  • The strategies needed to start, build and grow a scalable and sustainable business, especially online and remotely.
  • The operational nuts & bolts – processes, people and technology – to go from solo founder/business owner to entrepreneur, leader and with a bigger team.
  • The change management capabilities needed to bring greater diversity, equity and belonging to a business/team and get buy-in at all levels.

And Personally?

I tick many boxes of intersectionality…

  • I’m Brown; born in HK to a Filipina mother, I was adopted at birth by white British parents.
  • I’m a Woman; though I probably identify more as non-binary since gender is a social construct and at any given moment, I’m…me.
  • I’m Gay; but only came out in my late 30s.
  • I’m a mother; to Milo and Samson, who I have home educated since birth, and to my wife’s two children.

I understand what it is to be ‘othered’, to never feel like you fully belong, and to work 10x harder just to get to the same starting line. (Even with the privilege I’ve been afforded by being raised by white parents).

My core values are: Freedom, Integrity and Excellence. 

Lea Jovy-Ford

Need Help With Your Business?

I work alongside you as part mentor, part strategist, part advisor and part coach, though technically I am not a coach, much of the work I do takes the form of what you’ll typcally experience from a coach.

I will ask you questions for you to find the right answers for yourself AND I will, when necessary, tell you the answers too…

No need to reinvent the wheels or learn lessons the ‘hard way’, right?

I work with THREE clients at a time. £1k per month. Minimum 3 months. Apply here.

My goal is to do business differently. Subscribe to my newsletter to find out more about what that means, what that looks like and how I’m doing it.

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